Walkways and Booms at the Water Treatment Plant - October 2013

In July 2011 it was discovered that there were high TOTAL SUSPENDED SOLIDS (TSS) and high aluminum in the water that was being pumped from the lagoons at the Water Treatment Plant into Cow Creek.

Cobb Engineering designed a walkway and boom system that prevents the material that floats on the lagoons from entering the drain pipes, thus lowering the TSS going to Cow Creek. They also designed a drainage system to prevent the rain water from around the plant from entering the lagoons.

The engineering budget cost for these systems was $15,130.

Cobb Engineering billed $14,473.50.

The walkways and booms were installed by Lambert Construction at a cost of $40,381.00.

The project was completed the first part of October, 2013.


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Boom and Walkway
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boom and walkway at water treatment plant