Potable Water


Energy Services operates OSU's Water Treatment Plant.  This Plant draws raw water from Lake Carl Blackwell, 8 miles west of Stillwater.  The water is treated in the Plant, making it potable, and distributed to every building on Campus as drinking and processing water.

Significant Facts about the Plant- 
  • Designed as a training facility for water treatment engineers.
  • Originally had one of the first upflow clarifiers in the United States.
  • Was designed to experiment with numerous basin flow patterns.
  • Used both vertical and horizontal shaft flocculators in the original design.
  • Used three different underdrain designs and two different filter medias in the original design.
  • Reported to be the first plant to use both Ammonia and Activated Carbon.

OSU Water Treatment Plant has the capability to deliver water to the City of Stillwater in case of an emergency.

The raw water vault is the connection point where water from Lake Carl Blackwell enters OSU's Water Treatment Plant.