Fact Sheet

Oklahoma State University owns and manages the heating, cooling, and domestic water production for the majority of the Campus. Distribution systems for produced utilities, natural gas, storm and sanitary sewers, raw water, and medium and low voltage electrical are also owned and maintained by the University. On January 1, 2013, the Cowboy Wind Farm began supplying the Campus with approximately 70% of our electrical needs.  This historic moment ended many decades of electrical production at our Power Plant and placed us #6 on the EPA’s top ten list of colleges and universities using the most renewable energy.

MISSION: Provide reliable, uninterrupted utility services to our customers, and foster University-wide sustainable stewardship of energy resources.
VISION: Strengthen OSU’s mission by setting the standard of excellence in utility production and distribution, and energy management and sustainability.

Energy Services Department Costs

The Energy Services Department purchases, manages, and processes all purchased utilities. Customers supplied and metered by an outside utility company and distributed directly are billed without markup. We expect natural gas and electric costs to increase, and operating costs continue to climb at 3% to 4.5% annually. Likewise, utility rates increase as cost of goods increase, construction and facility projects evolve, and depreciation practices are put into place.


Download complete Energy Services FY13 Fact Sheet.