Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why are the stadium lights always on?
A:  The stadium lights are only on when a game or practice is in session or when the stadium is being cleaned after a game.  These lights do use a lot of electricity and the Athletics Department is careful to only use them when they are needed.  Next time you see the lights on in the stadium, you can be assured that the stadium is in use.
Q:  Who should I contact if I see energy being wasted on campus?
A:  Send an email to
Q:  What is OSU doing to be more sustainable?
A:  Check out the Sustainability Webpage at  You can also join our facebook page at or look at the results of the College Sustainability Report Card at OSU Sustainability Report Card.
Q:  What can I do if my office or classroom is too hot or too cold?
A:  Submit a Work Request.