Clearwell Project Update


OSU’s Water Treatment Plant is currently capable of producing 4.3 million gallons of water each day, but its capacity is going to increase to 12-million gallons per day through construction of a 1-million gallon storage tank called a “Clearwell.” This large reserve water volume will allow the Plant to be in more of a “steady state” operation and will make the chemical treatment process more effective and efficient. Put in perspective, the current treatment and storage capacity of the Plant can supply the Stillwater Campus water needs for an average of 30 minutes. After constructing the Clearwell, the Plant will produce and store enough treated water to supply the Stillwater Campus water needs for an entire day!

The Clear Well project is nearly complete. The project is on track to finish in June 2017. A new pump station and transfer vaults are also part of this project with a new SCADA equipment communication system. SCADA will incorporate some existing devices and includes programming for new equipment to be added as system capacity increases. 


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Water Treatment Plant CLEARWELL
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Potable Water Storage Increases
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Water Treatment Plant Clearwell Project