2016 IDEA Conference Presentation

OSU Energy Services Director, James Rosner, P.E., along with project team members from the firms of Frankfurt Short Bruza and Burns & McDonnell, presented Moving Toward Greater Sustainability: Oklahoma State University Builds a New Central Plant at the 2016 International District Energy Association conference in St. Paul, MN, June 20-23.
Left to right:
Mike Isch, RA of Frankfurt Short Bruza - New Central Plant Project Manager
Brian Sauer, PE of Frankfurt Short Bruza - Utility Master Plan Project Manager 
Justin Grissom, PE of Burns & McDonnell - Utility Distribution Project Manager
James Rosner, PE - former Director of OSU Energy Services
The presentation summarized activities over the past four years as OSU Energy Services evolved from evaluating the pros and cons of privatization to completion of a 20-year Utility Master Plan that includes the design of a new Central Plant and utility distribution system. Design of the new Plant incorporates 21% more efficient boilers, 31% more efficient chillers, exhaust air energy recovery, occupancy sensors on ultra-low flow plumbing fixtures and LED lighting, and an overall 42% reduction of Energy Services's campus footprint. In addition, the new Plant's architecture integrates with the rest of campus, and the building design includes an 80-seat classroom, observation room, and daylighting throughout the building.
  New Central Plant - Classroom/Observation Room/Foyer
    SW view of New Central Plant
OSU Energy Services did not privatize and continues to fulfill its mission to provide the Stillwater campus with reliable and economic utility services. The resulting Master Plan catalogues and analyzes the entire campus utility system and provides a roadmap for correcting existing deficiencies over the next 5-20 years. The new Central Plant and upgraded distribution system, also a result of the Master Plan and designed to serve OSU Stillwater for the next 50+ years, are under construction.
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OSU Presents at 2016 IDEA Conference in St. Paul, MN
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OSU Utilities Master Plan and New Central Plant Presentation
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International District Energy Association 2016 Conference