1:00 PM - Utility Distribution crew has leaking pipe and fitting dissassembled. Parts are on-site and repair is proceeding. Current goal of having service restored by end of 10/31 is still on track. Life Sciences West is also without chilled water, in addition to Math Sciences and Willard, as previously identified.


9:30AM - Utility Distribution crews continuing to chip out concrete around leaking chilled water fitting. Plan to correct leak will solidify once concrete is cleared around fitting. Current goal is to have service restored by the end of 10/31.



1:20PM - Excavation activity has started on the chilled water line break and due to the congested area of the break, special equipment is being brought in to complete this tedious task. Facilities Management Operations and Maintenance staff are working with areas in the affected buildings where service disruption has the most critical impact. 


9:30AM - A Chilled Water line break has caused a chilled water outage effective immediately for Willard and Math Sciences. Distribution Systems crews are on site and beginning to excavate to determine damage and repair options. We will update as more information becomes available.