Access EnergyCAP for Utility Information - click for details

Dear Utility Customers,

Thank you for your patience while we have been transitioning to the ECAP system for utility billing. We have worked through the major hurdles, brought all billing current, and are ready to provide you with access to the ECAP system so that you can have knowledge of utility consumption and cost at your fingertips.

With access to the ECAP system you will now be able to search at any time for your specific building and see your current utility consumption and cost. We are hoping you will be encouraged by this access to information and appreciate the greater transparency ECAP provides relating your actual utilities use and your bill.

Energy CAP Access:

ECAP can be accessed by going to –  and entering this information:

  • User Name:                guest
  • Password:                  guest
  • Datasource:      (case sensitive)

How to search for a building:

There are two ways you can access your building information:
  1. Expanding the building tree drop down index located on the left side of the menu
  1. Direct search by entering your building name, abbreviation, or number in the upper right search bar

The landing page for your building will provide you with a summary of total utilities cost in the current calendar year (note: the ECAP program identifies this as the fiscal year but it is calendar year information). Tabs along the top of this window allow you to review year-to-date use and cost summaries by commodity, a monthly comparison of the current and previous year by commodity, and greenhouse gas emissions over four years. NOTE: The Energy Star tab is not a valid function in our system.

Additional permissions and access can be provided upon request for additional ECAP functionality.  Please contact our Energy Managers by email: for a specific user role.

Thank you again for working with Utilities and Energy Management on the implementation of the ECAP system.