Utilities Production

OSU has its own Water Treatment Plant that produces potable water for the Stillwater Campus from water in the Lake Carl Blackwell reservoir, located 8 miles west of campus. Potable water is distributed across throughout 30 miles of underground pipe. 
OSU's Central Plant generates steam to meet most of the heating demands of the Campus. There are four (4) boilers at the Plant. They all use natural gas as the primary fuel and fuel oil as the secondary fuel (they seldom burn fuel oil). The boilers generate steam at 250 pounds per square inch and 600° Fahrenheit to meet the needs of the Campus system.Total design capacity for the boilers is 321,000 pounds/hour with a proven capacity of 276,000 pounds/hour.
OSU purchases electric power from Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company (OG+E) with 70% or more of this being wind generated electricity from the Cowboy Windfarm in Blackwell, OK. As of January 2013 the Central Plant no longer generates electricity on a continuous basis, but electricity is generated during periods of weather that may potentially interrupt power to vital loads on Campus. This system is tested on a monthly basis. 
OSU has two chilled water plants: (1) the Central Chilled Water Plant, located in the Central Power Plant, and (2) the West Chilled Water Plant, a stand alone facility located at the intersection of McElroy Road and Willis Street. The combined chiller capacity of the two plants is 29,000 tons circulating approximately two million gallons of water through 20 miles of chilled water piping. This system supplies most of the Stillwater Campus with chilled water for air conditioning, dehumidification, and process cooling.