Utilities Locating


Since most of OSU’s utilities distribution, computer, communications, and irrigation systems are underground, and any Excavation Operation poses a potential hazard to safety, property, and operations, OSU requires an Excavation Permit prior to any occasion when OSU owned property is to be penetrated, irrespective of the breadth or depth of the penetration.

The Excavator (or the Excavator’s representative) is responsible for submitting a Locate Request to OKIE to initiate the Excavation Permit procedure.

OSU Utilities and other Locators complete and sign off on the Locate Request and Permit within the required time frame.

Excavators will receive the Permit by email.

Excavators must have evidence of the Permit present on the job site for the duration of the Operation.

Excavation without a Permit on file and on site will result in immediate termination of the Operation, an immediate cease and desist until a Permit is in place.

A Permit is in effect for ten (10) working days from the time noted on the original OKIE locate request.